Southwest Fair Housing Council wins ASL victory



Southwest Fair Housing Council wins ASL victory 
Regional Housing Management Company to Revise Policy on American Sign Language Interpreters  

Tucson, AZ  (05/14/2019) – Southwest Fair Housing Council (SWFHC) was instrumental in pre-litigation settlement of claims that Monarch Investment & Management Group—a major regional housing management company—failed to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to prospective tenants in Colorado, Arizona and Michigan. 

After receiving complaints from current tenants of Monarch properties, the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center, the Southwest Fair Housing Council, and the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan engaged in systemic disability-related testing of Monarch. Their testers contacted leasing agents at Monarch properties and found a consistent pattern of refusal to provide ASL interpreters, suggesting a company-wide policy or practice. 

In response to the demand letter, Monarch agreed to a resolution with the fair housing groups that requires Monarch to adopt a robust ASL interpreter policy, establish an ASL interpreter fund, engage in affirmative marketing to people with disabilities, train its employees on the provision of ASL interpreters, and compensate the organizations for time spent investigating the matter. 

The ASL interpreter fund requires that each Monarch property maintains sufficient funds to ensure that an interpreter can be hired whenever necessary. As part of an affirmative marketing commitment, the settlement also requires Monarch to conduct outreach and provide information about available units to organizations that help people with disabilities find housing. 


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About SWFHC   

The Southwest Fair Housing Council (SWFHC) is a non-profit fair housing organization based in Tucson, Arizona that provides services throughout Arizona. SWFHC’s mission is to provide comprehensive services to achieve and preserve equal access to housing for all people. 

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