Parking Space Reasonable Accommodations

Disability violations continue to be the most common fair housing violation in Arizona and nationally. Disability protections go beyond standard protections, allowing persons with disabilities to request reasonable accommodations and modifications to allow them full use and enjoyment of their property. Housing providers can request verification of the disability and need for the request, but they cannot ignore the request and must engage in a dialogue to come up with a solution.

Southwest Fair Housing Council has recently received many phone calls regarding parking space reasonable accommodation requests. Many housing providers do not realize that persons with disabilities are entitled to request an assigned parking space that allows them safe access to their home if their disability necessitates it. Residents can do this, regardless of whether or not the housing generally has open parking, assigned parking, or if the most accessible parking spaces are in a visitor parking area. For more information on reasonable accommodations please see this fact sheet, or contact SWFHC with any questions.

Jay YoungComment