SWFHC 2018 Review



2018 was a busy year for SWFHC; the organization filed more complaints based on testing and intakes than previous years and successfully mediated several fair housing disputes. 

During 2018, we investigated 39 meritorious acts of housing discrimination. 34 of the complaints filed had a disability component (87%), considerably higher than the national trend—in 2017, 57% of fair housing complaints at the national level were disability-related. Three of these disability complaints were the result of SWFHC-initiated testing activities that uncovered hidden housing discrimination. 

Additionally, four of the complaints had a race discrimination component and three had national origin discrimination components. One familial status complaint was filed (see our last newsletter for details on that case).

Several of the complaints are still pending, but to date SWFHC got $23,000.00 in settlements this year.


Education and Outreach 


SWFHC’s Education and Outreach team had an amazing year. We continued educating people across the state on the Fair housing Act. We furthered our relationships with government agencies; we forged new relationships with communities; and, we created new opportunities for consumers to understand their fair housing rights. 

Not only did we travel the whole state of Arizona, we also hosted the SWFHC’s first Fair Housing Symposium in Tucson, Arizona. “Tucson and Beyond: The Fight for Fair Housing in the Southwest” brought together some of the most influential and thought-provoking speakers in the fair housing movement. Tucson’s historic Dunbar Center served as our stage for the event and it was an amazing and appropriate backdrop for such important conversations. 

Between further disseminating the opportunity index, creating an education course centered around individuals who were system-involved or formerly incarcerated and their housing search, and discussing the history and legacy of housing discrimination, the Education and Outreach team has been extremely busy. 

Jay YoungComment