Jay-Z's Housing Troubles - September 12, 2011

"According to FoxNews, Jay-Z’s legal team is accused of harassing the tenants in a Philadelphia luxury building. Jay-Z and the company SCC North American Realty, LLC, own and operate a 24-unit condominium complex.

The tenants there are claiming that they are being forced out of their homes with frivolous lawsuits and other harassment tactics. Over half have already been forced out. Several of the tenants in this building have contacted FoxNews to report the unfair treatment they have been receiving.

Liza Tedeschi who used to be a tenant of this building told FoxNews.com, “I’ve been in tears over this… They filed a lawsuit against me knowing that I had paid the rent. The lawyer admitted it to me, yet they still filed the lawsuit against me. It’s total and utter harassment.” Tedeschi even said the legal team went as far as giving out the personal cell phone number of apartments that were not for sale to realtors."

The previous was a quote from 1023 radio.com, where you can find the rest of the story by clicking the link at the end of this post.

What I would like to point out here is the fact that whether or not the owner has knowledge of what their maintenance, leasing, or property management staff are doing, the owner is still responsible for upholding Fair Housing Laws in multi-housing properties.  Based on this report, there may not be any indications of Fair Housing Issues involved.  There are alleged landlord tenant issues, but no one has claimed being apart of a protected class as an issue. It is good however, to know your rights and responsibilities as a property owner, even if you are simply renting out a room in your home.

For more information about Fair Housing,or to attend a free class, continue to explore this site and use the resources available here.

Read more: Landlord Jay-Z’s Tenant Troubleshttp://thenewx1023.radio.com/2011/09/08/landlord-jay-zs-tenant-troubles/#ixzz1XOOpo1O2

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